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Who said we had to compete like this with
one another for the same jobs in a global
economic arena?

If free trade was subject to a popular vote,
would it have passed?

Free trade economics failed with President Obama
having to bail it  out in 2008

In 2008, when President Obama took over, he had to bail out free
trade economics.However, he only bailed out big mony interests,
investment communities, Wall Street, banks and the so called
"too big to fail" corporations.  He ignored the suffering of millions
who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade economics.
He left the "too small to save" businesses to fend for themselves
in the global economic arena.   This was a historical happening.
It was a real flatworld "flattener" but not much was said about it
because those at the top, both conservatives and liberals ,
took the money without raising any questions about this new
corporate welfare system. 

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Who can untangle the terror, free trade and globalization have bred.  Governments find they must protect their interests across the globe with governments acting as
brokers and dealers in a global economic arena. Wars and terrorism followed. IS FREE TRADE ECONOMICS A STRUCTURAL SIN against Society

Tangles of Terror - from original Cross of 9/11
This is symbolie of the longest war in U.S.history - Afghandistan

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If free trade had to be ratified by a popular vote, it is fair to say, none of  the trade agreements would have never passed.  Globalization and free trade have not evolved in any natural fashion but have been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people.  When this is left out of any discussion about the so called flat world, it makes the rest of events really absurd. 

President Obama bailed out the money changers who were in charge of this failed system and put them back in charge while he ignored the suffering and losses of the working class. See http://tapsearch.com/communications-by-rank  
Our original Tapart News site, online since 1998  is at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews - or http://tapsearch.com/free-trade-economics/
See also   - Can not leave free trade out of Wall Street or other Occupy protests at http://therationale.com/wall-street-protests-free-trade-cancer  by Ray Tapajna ( Pass it on....)
Welcome Dysfunctional Globalists and
Dislocated Workers who have no voice
in Globalization or Free Trade process.  It's really all about you in the New World Dis-Order !
( A Book Review - The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman of N Y Times - see http://tapsearch.com/amazon-friends/

The basic problem - The Federal Reserve Bank creates  money out of nothing that call for creative ways to add value. This value depends on interest, stock values, investments and transactions. In the process of free trade economics, investments have been separated from production.  The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated with production being moved from place to place anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor.  It is an endless way to make money on money instead of making things because there are more than a billion people in the world who are willing to work for practically nothing in order to survive.

The system failed because free trade economics depends on a sufficient number of consumers to support the process.  Consumption economics needs workers who can afford to buy not only the things they make but to have extra money to buy the things we may have left to sell. However, the value of workers and labor has been deflated and degraded. This represents trillions of dollars lost forever. On top of this the trade deficit, breaking records since 1994, represents trillion of more dollars lost forever.  And President Obama's bail out of the system represents trillion of more dollars that had to be borrowed from the future and no one knows how this money will be paid back.

Our main expert sources include Chuck Harder, Manuel Castell, Sir James Goldsmith, Representative Marcy Kaptur and  Doctor Pat Choate.  We also include the Catholic Workers and its founders Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day. They maintained that business should make it easier for men and women to be good. Pat Buchanan and others were  instrumental in a Populist response but were quickly put aside. However, the Populist movement is coming like a tidal wave from South America and the USA is too busy in the Middle East to stop it. Bishops like St Alberto Hurtado led the way fifty years ago.  Other South American and Catholic Bishops and priests  were martyrs in recent times. There is also Bishop Ramazzini who renounced CAFTA in the U.S. Congress. Unfortunately in our country we have a President of a Jesuit University backing someone like Thomas Friedman.  At the same time, however,  we do have the Jesuit volunteers who work for social justice across the globe. There is also Rerum Novarum - an open letter by Pope Leo on the conditions of labor in 1891. It  was a standard for a very long time  in the labor relations. However, today many people of good will say,  I  believe in  most of the spiritual  and social justice things like you, but  we must adjust to the real world.  The real world today has President Bush saying his favorite philosopher was Jesus.  His actions say something else.  His actions say - It's nothing personal , I am just taking care of business.
We now include John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire. Our stories about the demise of  local value added economies fit with his in the   global economic arena.  All should read his books. No matter what you conclude about the man, the events are obviously real and you do not need any conspiracy theories to make your own conclusions.
There is also Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nadar who are right about many of these things. However, Dennis forgets that abortion and his ultra left positions  are geopolitical contradictions.
(Looks who talking about the New World Order or is it the New World Dis-Order at http://tapsearch.com/bewildered-global-economy  http://tapsearch.com/greenspan-dancing-in-the-dark/
The only real variable in the Flat or Round World is the cost of labor. Everything else is just a few percentage points or degrees apart and a  good society is only as good as it treats all the parts for the benefit of the whole.

Now the new working poor class can not afford the cheaper imports. Consumption economics needs a sufficient amount of people with adequate income to support the process or it fails
The word "corker"  describes a remarkable person, an argument that appears conclusive or a preposterous lie. It seems the book the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman  may have all three in one.... It's a "corker"!  Thomas Friedman flys around the world searching for his Flat World.(Actually, you don't need  to fly anywhere to explore the Flat World- just take a few cab rides with drivers from all over the world, Ask a few questions about their lives as you drive by places in our cities that now look like third world countries too. )
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Explore Lost Worlds in the Globalist Free Trade Flat World of Thomas Friedman, the Clintons and the Bush family -  and now President Obama ! - Our book review of  The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman from the New York Times starts below...
Browse list of related articles and  resources at http://www.multiurl.com/la/ray-tapajna-tapsearcher

The economic crisis was forecasted at Ray Tapajna Chronicles at http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews since 1998.
See also
For bio, see http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna/  We are reviewing the new Pope Benedict's Charity is truth economic encyclical at http://tapsearch.com/pope-benedict-economic-encyclical   It is a difficult task since the encyclical does not define free trade as it is practiced in present times. Also, the term globalization is used and is not defined or compared to world trade historically.   Here we get into what free trade and globalization are.  Globalism represents - a new "ism" of our times with all others absorb into it with workers being tools for capital. It should be the other way where capital should be the tool for workers for the sake of all of society.


See Below:  This is primarily a book review of The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman - by Ray Tapajna, Editor and Artist at Tapart News and Art that Talks, who describes Friedman's  book as a "corker" - Ray forcasted the economic crisis.  Economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out.  The deflation of the value of workers and labor has now affected the value of money.  See history of free trade economics failures at 
While Thomas Friedman rides planes to far away places and talks to world leaders about the wonders of globalism and safeguarding the ecology, Ray takes rides with cab drivers who come from all over the world and tell it like it is.  He also drives down miles of main streets in major cities with empty stores and empty factories.  He drives down the main streets in small towns with rows of empty stores while outside of the towns are Walmarts selling imports made by impoverished workers. Imagine all the people that once were a hub of lively business activity in these places across the USA.  Now  those who are left are  part of the new working poor  class in the USA.  And Ray writes about the 8000 mile energy saving light bulb that takes 8000 miles, protective packaging to get to  the USA after being made in questionable mercury "dirty" factories .  After miles of long haul shipping by ocean and some by plane that consume loads of energy while polluting the air , the 8000 mile light bulbs arrive in shipping containers from the  giant Chinese COSCO shipping company which is owned in part by the Chinese Liberation Army! See the dirty energy secret  at http://tapsearch.com/dirty-energy-saving http://tapsearch.com/tradetraps  http://tapsearch.com/globalization

First of all, Thomas Friedman fables ignore the fact that workers have no voice in the process of globalization even though they are the heart and center of any economy.
2nd.  Friedman 's book is fiction. His statistics  do not compute with the past. For example the unemployment reporting was much different in the 1970s. Click on http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews home about this fabrication. Only 38% of all workers in the USA qualify for unemployment insurance. This would have triggered a Congressional investigation in the 1970s
3rd. His "flatteners"  reverse the  cause and effect of things like the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Y2k crisis. Was the fall of the Iron Curtain the flattener or was it Roosevelt at Yalta when he gave one half of Europe to the Communists? - or was the Lend Lease Act the ultimate flattener. This was real Free Trade- see http://ezinearticles/com/?id=390710 Was the real flattener behind Y2k, the India programmers comming to the rescue or was Free Trade the cause which resulted in over a million workers in the U.S.  losing their jobs in the computer industry. Another flattener should be Truman allowing the Communists to take over China as millions of Nationalist Chinese were forced ot flee for their lives. It changed the course of Asia. And the end of the story is yet to unfold.
Free-Trader Globalists call for a borderless world economy but in the USA, we have States competing with one another for foreign auto assembly factories paying out up to 400 million dollars to entice them to their State. This comes after thousands of auto workers losing their jobs with the new jobs  for only a fraction  of the old  workers at half the pay.   In the end, taxpayers are  paying up to $200,000 per job and it is impossible to get a return on this investment for the people of the particular State. See http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews/id37.html  Indiana wins over Ohio for Honda Assembly Plant while Gambling Casino money  is given to Honda. At most only 2000 jobs will be created while about 20,000 auto parts workers lose their jobs.  Adding up all of the Indiana money to get and support Honda, it costs taxpayers  $200,000 per job. And  Alabama is paying  KIA $400 million dollars to build their assembly plant there. This is an  Implosion in Friedman's Flat World. And imagine what 400 million automobiles in China and India would do to the world.
Friedman says  some are and will lose their jobs.  His "some" is now a sum of a millions. The USA has suffered the largest dislocation of jobs in its history including the Great Depression.  Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans exposed a Silent Depression residing throughout the USA.  Personal and Business bankruptcies have broken records for years. This matches up with the massive Trade Deficits that keep breaking records. ( Summary of this site is at http://ezinearticles.com/?id=251143  Pass it on -Feel Free to copy it and send to newspaper editors, government leaders and/or use it in class.)
For Ray Tapajna Chronicles click here
2015.07.01 | 2008.10.01
We do not need any conspiracy theories to know
We do not need any conspiracy theories to know free trade and globalization have not evolved in any natural economic fashion but have been driven by powerful forces outside the will of  the people with both major parties in the U.S. acting as one in the process. Free trade is not really trade. It is more about divorcing investments from production and moving production anywhere in the world for the sake of cheaper labor. It is about degading and deflating the value of workers and labor for the sake of more profits.
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Ray Tapajna, advocate for workers dignity and local value added economies, has dedicated an entire website countering the concepts of Thomas Friedman based on real world experience for more than sixty years from the factory floors to the highest echelon of corporate management. See http://tapsearch.com/flatworld You can also see more at http://tapsearch.com/amazon-friends

Ray confronts Friedman version of his "Flatteners" and shows the real world sequence of events from the real work world. Friedman's ignores the fact that workers have had no voice in the process of globalization and free trade and perpetuates communications by rank and plantation owner mentality. If free trade bills were subject to a popular vote, none of them would have passed. It is also obvious free trade and globalization did not evolve in any natural economic fashion but were driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people and outside of any real democratic process.

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