Pope Benedict Economic Ethics

Pope Benedict Economic and Ethics Encyclical
"Urgent need for true world political authority" - Needs clarification in the Bewildered New World
Subsidiarity - ( not to be confused with subsidiary ) and urgent need for a true world authority -
Who is responsible for applying the common good in society
The pulpits were silent - about Globalization contradictions
The surge of Globalization and Free Trade started years ago
What blocks the common good from doing things the right way
It's only human nature - Thank you Jesus for KIA
Economic Limbo
Thomas Palaima - Work long and hard for what is right
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Too little - Too late - Free Trade Economics fails
Bewildered New World
Outsourcing and Insourcing Debacle
The aptitude of the mind for truth
Virtues gone mad in the global economic arena
Community and Co-ops - and they shared all things in common
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Wikipedia gets it wrong about free trade economics


The Cross 911 Tangle of Terror asking who can untangle the terror globalization and free trade economics have bred.

Pope Benedict responds to Bewildered New World
Who can untangle the terror globalization and free trade have bred

All people of good will and especially Christians should know the Social Gospel of the Church is clear about human dignity in the work day. All in society is subject to the common good. Doing unto others as you would have them do you is not only a biblical phrase but a practical way in seeking the life ideal on earth. We must stop living off the suffering of others for the things we use and consume.

Workers are not tools of Capitalism. It is the other way around. Capitalism should be a tool for workers to enjoy a decent and just wage for the sake of the common good.

Workers have a right to property just like the owners of business. Their right to property is the fruit of their labors.

Lately, in a world of free trade economics, both conservatives and liberals have taken on a plantation owner mentality. They think they know more about workers than workers do. They put the right to investment and profit above the rights of the workers involved.

True conservatives should be populists who do not isolate production from investments. A true conservative should question the dignity of workers and not put profits, their 401k and stock portfolio as the priority.

The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated due to free trade economics. This represents trillions of dollars in value lost forever. The same applies to the trade deficit in America with the trade deficit breaking records for the past generation. More trillions of dollars were lost when President Obama had to bail out free trade economics in 2008. Years later our economy is running on just fumes.

Just think all the good that could have been accomplished not only in America but across the globe with all this money.


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( Special Note:  We have read through the encyclical three times and studied some pages more thouroughly. We were praying for insight for the best way to review it. However,
we are having a diffcult time  matching our 60 years of  work, multi-business experiences and our active christian life to the encyclical.  We worked in several factories while going to a Catholic university full-time and found a deep void between the factory  floors and the college classrooms which has affected us  throughout our life. It looks like it is the same situation reviewing  this encyclical. Subsequently, we will most likely be reacting more than reviewing it.  See http://tapsearch.com/about-ray-tapajna   or   http://tapsearch.com/tapartnews/id18.html  for our bio/profile . )

I have a similar problem trying to review Patrick J. Buchanan's book - Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War. Pat actually writes history and his book most likely will come dynamically alive about twenty years from now. Pat demonstrates why World War 1 and World War 2 did not have to be fought.  And in today's context of free trade and globalization with the way things ended up, I believe we have ultimately lost World War 2.  We allude to this in many of articles noting the "Bewildered New World". 

If Patrick Buchana is right and it looks like time will prove him right, it means we all failed as Christians  from the lowest levels to the highest levels in letting things like this happen. It should be a lesson for all of us but apparently it will take a long time to digest. However, now,  it makes me wonder more about Pope Benedict touching the surface of things without really digging deeper into causes and effects.  If we ask the question of questions, what would Jesus do - we find we are in a deeper hole more than we ever dared to imagine.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has a new generation of activists. Some call them the "Bottom Up" generation. They want all decisions to made at the lowest level possible.  Pope Benedict suggest this in his economic encyclical and  describes it  as  the principle of  "subsidiarity."  If free trade had to be ratified by a popular vote, it is fair to say, none of these trade agreements would have passed.  This points to the fact workers have no voice in the process of free trade and globalization.   Free trade is the major cause behind our economic crisis and the Occupy Wall Street Movement can not  leave free trade out of the protests. 
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Ray has been an advocate for human dignity in the workday and fair trade since 1992 and his main site has been online since 1998.  By the time he graduated from college at age 23, he had more than ten years of experience in small businesses. He also  worked at several factories while going to college full-time.  He later was involved in several businesses dealing with the highest echelons of corporate management  and was with several major computer manufacturers for more than thirty years. He was sought out for his expertise in the disk storage industry worldwide. He also had his own computer business for more than thirty 30 years as a trouble-shooter supplyer to major high tech manufacturers.  He ties his reviews with his  real world experiences from the factory floors to international business experience.  During this time, he was active in the Cursillo, the Christopher and  Charismatic movements in the Catholic Church as a father of a large family.  Ray  found a roadblock to Christian action for those who made the Cursillo or who tried to form closer Christian community in the work day.  A report by a large church organization confirmed this when they reported that 70 percent of Christians found it very difficult  to match up their spiritual life with their work and business  envirnoments.

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